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At Stein Senior Care Dermatology, we are a full-service On-Site Dermatology Practice of dedicated, experienced physician and supporting staff members who believe in working closely with your facility to improve patient’s health. We provide comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly and caring environment. We educate our patients and maintain constant communication with both patients and their primary care physicians. Our care and treatment is integrated with direct attention to patient’s needs and expectations.

Stein Senior Care Dermatology is looking forward to providing excellent care to your patients of all

Among the services we offer:


 Annual skin health exams to promote skin health
 Suspicious new or changing skin lesions
 Patients with solar exposure and damage
 Presence or history of dysplastic moles
 Skin rashes
 Uncomfortable lesions
 Suspicious for scabies or other transmissible diseases
 Skilled approach to diagnose and keep up with the recent increase in the incidence and
aggressiveness of skin cancers
 Precise detection and prevention strategies for cutaneous neoplasms and pre-malignant
 Comprehensive Skin Cancer Center that integrates oncologic, surgical and other advanced
treatment modalities
 Advanced medical and procedural approaches for psoriasis and other inflammatory skin
 Complete allergy testing and phototherapy treatment for dermatitis (contact allergic, irritant,
 Integrative knowledge that connects us closely with the primary care 
 Around the clock availability to patients and referring physician offices
 Skilled and dedicated staff with true passion for patient care
 Daily and weekend appointments in order to meet the needs of working patients.
 Assistance with home follow-up and treatments for patients undergoing complex
treatments, are status-post surgical acre, or in other medically elaborate situations


 We perform complex Mohs surgeries for all qualified skin cancers
 Wide range of reconstructive expertise and techniques
 Excisions for benign lesions of other amenable skin conditions

Our Team

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  • Mija Sung
    Mija Sung
    Office Manager
  • Patricia Valle
    Patricia Valle
    Lead Medical Assistant
  • Claudia Torres
    Claudia Torres
    Lead Administrative Assistant
  • Kiara Wallace
    Kiara Wallace
    Medical Assistant
  • Natalia Hernandez
    Natalia Hernandez
    Medical Assistant
  • Andrea Hoffman
    Andrea Hoffman
    Medical Assistant
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