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Make 2021 your SKIN HEALTH year

AC, San Diego

Great experience at Stein Dermatology, will bring in other family members.

DR, San Diego

Dr. Stein is very proactive and pays close attention to detail.

PC, Orange County

Dr. Stein delivers top notch care for his patients. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my skin care!


Dear Ms. Sung, I would like to take a moment to highlight the outstanding support services I received at your Medical clinic. The medical staff of your organization particularly Dr. Alexander Stein, provided superb support and remarkable patient care to ensure that I was medically fit and returned "health ready".

Dr. Stein high spirited and stellar performance was immediately noticed. He was pleasant and his delightful attitude was a wonderful experience to observe. Dr. Stein pleasantly coordinated and reviewed all of my medical records asks pertinent key questions and answers (Q&A), the importance of my medical conditions and how it affected my day-to-day lifestyle. Despite of the influx of calls and patients he was assisting; he was the linchpin for arranging numerous test/laboratory requests. He outlined the required medical protocol and almost immediately accomplished a number of test procedures and in a matter of days with results. 

Ms. Sung, you're blessed to have professional people working under you organization. Dr. Stein's stellar performance exceeded my expectation, Magnificent! Please convey my heartfelt thank you to Dr. Stein, his happy temperament, "can do", and "esprit de corps" permeates throughout the echelon.

Mary L.

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